Frequently Asked questions FAQS

1.What tips password ?

In order to secure your account, when you set a password, please refer to the following recommendations:

1. passwords from 6-16 characters (case sensitive).

2. Use a combination of numbers, letters or symbols, such as:Gklfd157!#, 89712am%& so on.

3. If the following password settings, the system will remind you to change the password for security:

1) All the numbers;

2) All the letters;

3) All the same characters;

4) with a different user name or e-mail the same.

4. Regularly change your password, and make a record of work, so as not to forget.

5. forget your password, you can retrieve your password.

2.How to retrieve your password ?

First, in the login page and click on "Forgot Password?"

Second, fill in the user name , e-mail and verification code, click Get Password.

Finally, password recover successfully, please check your e-mail.

3.How to change your password ?

First, click on "Online Shopping" and click on "My Account" again.

Second, click on "Change Password".

Then, fill in the Current Password , New Password and Confirm New Password, click Change.

Finally, password change successfully.